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Optimal breastfeeding success

Melissa Morgan, IBCLC, RLC, LE, is a board-certified and registered lactation consultant with a specialty in evidence-based normal breastfeeding and high-risk lactation. She is a professional and a recognized member of our healthcare team. During your consultation, you can expect a warm, relaxing approach to your breastfeeding situation. The goal is to normalize any breastfeeding issues and to help fit breastfeeding into your day-to-day life. Melissa will work with you and your baby (and your family) to develop a care plan for breastfeeding that is personalized and realistic for your situation.

Private Lactation Consultations

Do I Need to See a Lactation Consultant? Possible reasons for a lactation consultation may include:

  • New to breastfeeding
  • Baby is fussy at breastfeeding
  • Baby has Tongue-tie
  • Excessive infant weight loss
  • Preemie/preterm baby
  • Difficulty or pain when latching the baby to the breast
  • Sore nipples/breast pain
  • Engorgement/Inadequate milk supply
  • Feeds are taking long time
  • Supplementing and weaning issues

Prenatal Consult

Melissa is available to meet with expectant mothers (and families) to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about breastfeeding. Whether you have had challenges breastfeeding in the past or need advice prior to the birth of your new baby, Melissa can and will help you. Prenatal consultations are generally 30 minutes to 1 hour in length.

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"Outstanding staff and medical professionals. Even though I was the last patient of the day, I did not feel rushed. The doctor and nurse seemed to work together to secure my records and explain the outcomes of some testing. I feel very confident that my health is in good hands."

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