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Menstrual flow varies greatly from woman to woman. Many women wonder if their experience is normal or abnormal. It helps if you have a better understanding of what normal truly means when it comes to menstrual periods.

Normal cycles can be from 24 to 32 days, with 28 days being average. An occasional cycle that is longer or shorter does not indicate an abnormality. When many of your cycles fall outside your normal range, it’s wise to maintain a calendar so you can share it with your doctor. Excessive or prolonged blood flow (more than seven days) can lead to anemia and make daily activities difficult or impossible. Again, keep a calendar and share it with your doctor, so he or she can investigate further.

Many women have occasional abnormal uterine bleeding. If the abnormality is severe or persists for more than one or two cycles, be sure to tell your doctor. Your doctor’s investigation and treatment will depend on information you share. You may just need some additional testing and management. Your doctor’s recommendations will vary depending on his or her findings and your individual circumstances.

The latest treatment options for relief

Some women can manage excessive menstrual bleeding with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Oral contraceptives are a good treatment choice for some women who also need birth control. Other women elect an intrauterine contraceptive device for the management of heavy bleeding.

We may recommend a procedure such as endometrial ablation (removal of the uterine lining) or one of several types of hysterectomy. We typically perform endometrial ablation right in our office. We recommend hysterectomy only when other options have been tried without relieving your problem.

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